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About this course: 

The course aims to provide delegates with a better understanding of suicidality and to become better prepared and equipped to help survivors experiencing suicidal thoughts and crisis.

Learning Outcomes:

• Increase awareness of suicidal myths & facts

• Increase awareness of suicidality and links with distress, and self-injurious behavior

• Increase awareness of the Integrated Motivational Volitional model of suicide and neurobiological responses

• Increase awareness of the suicidal journey - Mind / body separation, suicidal imagery, hopelessness

• Increase awareness of the risk factors & warning signs

• Increase awareness of the narrative approach to assessment

• Understand the collaborative approach to suicidal management

• Understand safeguarding considerations and action

• Understand the importance of self-preservation and promoting professional resilience working with suicidal survivors


The programme is accredited by the Open College Network (London Region). The units for this course all are at level three and have 3 credits each. Please note  that in order to qualify for this course, participant will need to be able to complete all units which means attending all 2 days of the course.  

The units are:

Unit 1: Pathway to Despair: Suicidal Awareness
Unit 2: Exploring Practice from a Trauma Informed Approach
Unit 3: Moving Through – Developing Service Specific Best Practice

Training date(s)
24 Feb 2021 (10:00am) to
25 Feb 2021 (3:00pm)
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