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Gender Responsive Trauma Focused Approach for Engaging Women's Recovery from Sexual Violence

Supporting Survivors' Resilience, Moving Beyond and Through Experiences of Sexual Violence

This course will use theoretical constructs from gender analysis perspectives on sexual violence to examine prevelance, explore definitions, and challenge popularist attitudes towards sexual violence, from a trauma focused approach. This will involve an exploration of the neurobiology of trauma responses to contextualise the range and depth of trauma symptomology and the ensuing legacy of sexual violence. The course will also introduce strength and evidence based approaches to working holistically with women who have experienced sexual violence, from a culturally relevant perspective. The programme will also include specialist information from Rights of Women on the legal frameworks in relation to sexual violence.

Learning Outcomes

1. Understand the scope of a range of different form of sexual violence that women and girls experience.

2. Understand the key issues of gendered violence that allow myths and attitudes related to sexual violence to be maintained.

3. Understand the different ways in which sexual violence impacts on women and girls.

4. Understand how to respond to disclosures of sexual violence.

5. Understand how to implement effective strategies to engage women and young girls affected by sexual violence.

OCN Accreditation The programme is accredited by the Open College Network (London Region). The unit for this course all at level three and has a credit value of 3. 

The training will be delivered via Zoom

Training date(s)
5 Nov 2020 (10:00am) to
6 Nov 2020 (3:00pm)
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