Empowerment and healing for women moving on from violence

Young womens services

Services for Young Women provided by Women and Girls Network

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Our model 

Our way of working with young women is called ‘Making Space’. We developed this approach in partnership with young women to ensure it met their needs. All the info-graphics on these web pages were co-produced with young women.

Our ethos

We believe that young women’s voices must be heard to help create a safer more equal world.

The systems and communities around young women need to change to create more supportive environments, enabling young women to reach their full potential. 

Confidentiality and the Young Women’s Service

Some young women are happy for their parents/carers to know they are working with us, however some young women would prefer that nobody knows. We respect your right to privacy, but we also have to work within the law, which says specific things about children accessing services.


Your parent/carer must give their permission for us to work with you. We won’t tell them what you talk about with us, but we do need their permission for you to work with us. If you are under 13 and want to access support without your parent/carer knowing about it, please call Childline and you can talk to someone anonymously about your situation to find out how you can safely access alternative support.

Generally, we do not need to tell your parent/carer and it is up to you whether you want your parents or carers to know that you are coming to see us. However in some cases, we may need to get permission from your parent/carer to work with you. We will always talk with you about this first.

Unless there is a specific reason, we should be able to work with you without your parents or carers’ permission or knowledge. If we feel we need to inform your parent/carer, we will speak with you first.

Once you have started working with us, regardless of your age

We believe in providing a confidential service that you can trust and where you feel able to share your experiences and emotions. Young women share lots of personal information with us and we believe strongly in your right to privacy. Your worker will keep a written record of the work you are doing together and you can ask to see this at any time. The only other people in WGN who will read that information is the Young Women’s Services Manager and the senior managers at WGN who are responsible for safeguarding (this means they are responsible for keeping children safe).

We may share information with your permission, for example if you want us to speak to your school or your social worker about things that have been bothering you. We have a form that we ask you to sign that gives us permission to do this.

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