Empowerment and healing for women moving on from violence

About us

About Women and Girls Network

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Our healing philosophy

We aim to create a safe space for women and girls to recover from the trauma of violence and abuse. Our services support a holistic, integrated healing journey that encompasses mind, body and spirit.

Empowerment is a key concept. Our role is to guide and facilitate, offering a range of interventions on the healing journey to enable each woman to take control of her own recovery. Our aim is to achieve sustainable recovery that helps women move forward in their lives and thrive. This involves working with women to explore and express deep and powerful emotions in order to free them from the pain of their experiences.

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Changing societal attitudes to violence

We are also concerned about changing attitudes in wider society that perpetuate violence against women and girls. We encourage all people to challenge the unequal power relationships in society that underpin violence to women and girls.

We strive to change societal attitudes which often condone violence against women and hold women responsible for the violence against them. This involves examining, understanding and challenging prejudice and oppression and debunking myths around rape and sexual assault that seek to minimise and deny the facts of sexual violence.

Every moment of every healing journey takes tremendous individual courage. It also represents a victory in exposing, resisting and ultimately stopping sexual terrorism and the war on women.