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About Women and Girls Network

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Women and Girls Network (WGN) was established in 1987 and has spent over 30 years supporting women and girls across London affected by gendered violence.

This includes childhood sexual abuse, domestic violence, rape, prostitution (including trafficking and sexual exploitation), female genital mutilation (FGM), and so-called 'honour' based crimes such as forced marriage.

Our free, women-only and survivor-led service offers a holistic response to women and girls who have experienced, or are at risk of, gendered violence.

The aim of our work is to create a safe, non-judgmental and non-directive space in which women and girls can explore their experiences, and know that they will be listened to and believed. 

WGN is based on feminist principles, which has empowerment as a key concept. We understand that every woman's healing journey is unique, and our services are designed to offer women the opportunity to travel along on their journey.

Our goal is to promote, preserve, and restore the mental health and wellbeing of women and girls, to empower them to make a total and sustainable recovery from the experiences of violence.

I finally feel heard and have a sense of closure with which I am able to move forward.

Important Information

As a Black Feminist organisation we are actively anti-racist in all that we do. By embracing and adopting an anti-racism approach we are consciously structuring our activism to reflect our values. This means we will never tolerate racism where we see it, and we will challenge and proactively change policies, behaviours, beliefs and systemic barriers that perpetuate racist ideas and actions. This requires solidarity, bravery and honesty in recognising that there remains much to do, but we will continue to stand with our global majority service users and staff to amplify their voices and fight alongside to gain true equity.

WGN Comments, Compliments and Complaints Policy

If there is a WGN document/policy you would like to read, please email info@wgn.org.uk. 


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