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Counselling and therapeutic support

Our specialist counselling and therapeutic services are for women and girls living in London who have experienced any form of gendered violence.

Counselling is a type of talking therapy which can help you gain a clearer understanding of yourself and your experiences. Our trained Specialist Counsellors will help you express your feelings when you are ready, and at your own pace.

Sometimes we also offer different types of therapy, like group work (a safe group setting with other survivors) or body therapy (accessed alongside counselling and includes aromatherapy and massage).

Our compassionate, diverse team of practitioners receive specialist training and understand the impact of gender-based violence. When you chose to work with us you will be believed, listened to and treated with respect. 

All our counselling and therapeutic services are free, confidential and women-only.

Counselling waiting lists are reviewed every 4 weeks and the website will be updated when lists are opened.


Ascent Counselling

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Specialist one-to-one counselling for women and girls who have experienced any form of gendered violence, whether this is historic or recent.

Body Therapy

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Women accessing WGN services will be offered body therapies as a complementary part of their healing journey.