Empowerment and healing for women moving on from violence

Young womens services

Services for Young Women provided by Women and Girls Network

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Our young women’s service recognises and responds to the unique experiences and needs of young women who are at risk of or who have experienced any form of gender based violence (GBV).

Some of our support is accessible to all young women whether or not you're experienced GBV.  If you're not sure what support is right for you please give us a call and we can talk you through some options. 

We offer a safe and confidential space where you can find help, advice and explore your options.


We provide advocacy support for young women living, studying or working in West London who are affected by any form of violence. Most young women come to us because they're hurting, this could be because of a sexual assault or violence at home. 

Our Advocacy support is young-women led, and consists of one-to-one sessions with an advocate where you can discuss and explore any issues that matter to you. Your advocate will listen to you and ensure that your voice is heard by the people around you - parents/carers, social services, schools, police, or youth offending teams.

Your advocate can also help if you are considering reporting abuse to the police and can support you through the court and criminal justice process.

Meetings are informal and can take place in any location where you feel comfortable. You can also speak to your advocate over the phone or communicate via text.

Your advocate will work with you for as long as you need them.


Please email our team directly at ywa@wgn.org.uk or call our Advice Line on 0808 801 0660

Our prevention work within schools centres around group work for young women. These sessions offer spaces where young women can come together to explore issues of relationships (family and friends), safety, identity and self-reflection outside of their usual friendship group. We also explore concepts around empowerment, healthy relationships, online safety, feminism, human rights and more.

Our aim is to prevent gender based violence by taking a 'whole school' approach; making it everyone's responsibility. We do this by working with staff and the whole school community to raise awareness and educate on issues of violence and abuse. 


Please email our team directly at ywa@wgn.org.uk or call our Advice Line on 0808 801 0660

We know how important it is for young women to feel heard and part of a project. We run regular consultation and focus group events (under 25). These are spaces for young women to come together to have their voices heard, to collectively think and learn about issues affecting them, and to hear from them about solutions and their visions for the revolution! We then work to ensure this voice is heard at local and national policy level, and ensure that our way of working meets their needs and is effective. 

Young women who attend the group have gained new skills, experiences and confidence (and friends!) and have developed and delivered their own workshops to other young women and professionals with the support of WGN.  


For information on upcoming events please visit our Get Involved page, email us at ywa@wgn.org.uk, or find us on Instagram @womenandgirlsnetwork. Young women are gifted 'love to shop' vouchers to thank them for their participation.