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Young womens services

Services for Young Women provided by Women and Girls Network

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Our Services

WGN Young Women’s Service provides free, safe and confidential services to Young Women, offering one-to-one support, group work, counselling and Young Women’s Voice – an Experts by Experience group.  


1-to-1 Support

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They have helped me understand how to be safe and aware of people around me, I learnt new things

Our Advice and Advocacy service works with (self-identified) girls and young women aged 11- 25, living, studying or working in West London affected by or at risk of any forms of violence or abuse.

Our Advocacy support is young-women led, and consists of one-to-one sessions with an advocate where you can discuss and explore any issues that matter to you.

Your advocate will listen to you and ensure that your voice is heard by the people around you – including your parents/carers, social services, schools, police, or youth offending teams.

Your advocate can also help if you are considering reporting abuse to the police and can support you through the court and criminal justice process.

Meetings are informal and can take place in any location where you feel comfortable. You can also speak to your advocate over the phone or communicate via text.

Your advocate will work with you for as long as you need them.

We also offer specialist 1:1 advocacy support and counselling for Black and minoritised young women aged 14-24 through the CouRAGEus project


Please email our team directly at ywa@wgn.org.uk or call 0203 9856994 (this line is only open on Tues, Weds and Thurs between 10am and 3pm). Please note, we are currently closed to 1-1 advocacy referrals.

Group Work

cartoon about prevention work

The group has made me grow! I’m happy in life as I have an understanding…and would recommend this for all young girls

Our Young Women’s Prevention Workers deliver a range of programs in educational and community settings. Creating spaces for young women to explore concepts around identity, online safety, respectful relationships, feminism, human rights, empowerment, social justice and activism. This work is about providing Young Women with the information, thinking space and resources they need to navigate their worlds, while also creating change in schools, organisations and institutions to make them more aware of the needs and experiences of young women within these settings.

Group Work Programmes

We develop and deliver bespoke programs, aimed at prevention and early intervention of all forms of Violence against Women and Girls Including: Peer Abuse, Domestic Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Exploitation and Gang Involvement. These can be one off sessions or up to 8-week sessions.

We also offer specialist group work for Black and minoritised young women aged 14-24 through the CouRAGEus Project.

Whole Schools Approach

Whole Schools Approach is about working with the whole school community to increase awareness and skills so that everyone within the school becomes active in preventing Violence against Women and Girls. We tailor our interventions to each school, learning from them about what they are doing well and what they need support with. This includes staff training, student assemblies, and targeted group-work programs.

We deliver programs in schools, community settings and at our own confidentially located offices. If you are interested in having some work take place in your school or community setting, please Contact Us.

Young Women’s Voice - Experts by Experience

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We know how important it is for young women to feel heard and part of a project. We run regular consultation and engagement events. These are spaces for young women to come together to have their voices heard, to collectively think and learn about issues affecting them, and to hear from them about solutions and their visions for the revolution!

But most importantly to have FUN and some pizza!

Young women who attend the group have gained new skills, experiences and confidence (and friends!) and have developed and delivered their own workshops to other young women and professionals with the support of WGN.


For information on upcoming events please visit our Resources & Events page, email us at ywa@wgn.org.uk, or find us on Instagram @womenandgirlsnetwork.