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Specialist one to one practical and advocacy support for women and girls (14 years+) affected by any form of gender based violence and abuse.

Advice Casework provides support on a range of issues, such as emotional wellbeing and mental health, problems with housing, managing finances and benefits, your personal safety and concerns about your children.

Your caseworker can advocate on your behalf when dealing with statutory agencies to ensure your voice is being heard and your wishes are being acknowledged. They can also link you with other appropriate support and resources.

We can also support you through the process of deciding whether to report what has happened to you to the police. If you decide to make a report, we will then support you through every aspect of dealing with the police and taking your case to court.

I finally feel heard and have a sense of closure with which I am able to move forward.

Young Women’s Advice Casework- Pan London

If you are aged between 14 and 24, you can be supported by our dedicated caseworker who will accompany you throughout the court process and also liaise with children’s services on your behalf.

We also offer support and consultations to professionals who are working with cases involving gender-based violence and abuse.


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How to access this service

For Advice Casework & Young Women’s Advice Casework suport, contact our Freephone Advice Line on 0808 801 0660 or email us on advice@wgn.org.uk

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