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Our expert-led seminars are a series of intensive half-day workshops. There is a briefing paper to supplement each seminar.

These seminars can be expanded into one to two day training courses, as well as being offered as accredited training.


This seminar showcases agencies that work with young women and are at the forefront of best practice in the field of VAWG. These agencies work specifically with the issues of sexual exploitation, forced marriage, female genital mutilation, domestic violence and gang violence, along with other forms of gender based violence.

This seminar aims to provide workers with:

  • a deeper awareness and understanding of the issues around young women and violence
  • a range of useful tools and creative ways to engage in working with young women

Issues and themes covered:

  • Girls in gangs
  • Sexual violence in gangs
  • Young women and sexual exploitation
  • Harmful practices
  • Gaps in policy
  • Best practice

This seminar aims to provide an understanding of the context of the sexual exploitation of trafficked women by identifying the emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual health needs of trafficked women.

It explores the dilemmas and challenges in adapting clinical work to meet the needs of trafficked women, while making use of a holistic response approach to working with mind, body and spirit for women who have been trafficked.

This seminar aims to provide practitioners with strategies to enhance therapeutic engagement in their work with survivors of gendered violence.

Practitioners will have opportunities to gain knowledge of neuroscience and the impact of trauma on the brain, explore and define the concept of empowerment, and demonstrate creative ways of establishing therapeutic engagement and depth.

In addition, develop strategies for strengths based approaches including internal resourcing, identifying resilience and expanding signature strengths. Practitioners will also have an opportunity to explore and develop elements of best practice.

This seminar is for workers who would like to gain an understanding of the basics of child protection and safeguarding processes, exploring common dilemmas experienced by practitioners.

The seminar will assist participants to develop awareness and understanding of child protection and safeguarding processes.

At the end of the session participants will be able to:

  • identify what is meant by safeguarding and child abuse
  • define child protection and safeguarding
  • identify the signs and indicators of abuse
  • identify the relevant legislation and guidance that governs child protection and safeguarding children and young people
  • explore their own agency's child protection dilemmas, with use of case studies, to enable appropriate responses to concerns

The aim of the training course is to provide practitioners with an increased awareness and knowledge of what is self-care and professional resilience. The course explores the impact of work on self through the process of vicarious trauma. Participants will undertake a self-care assessment and needs audit and develop a self-care action plan.

What you will learn:

  • Increase awareness and knowledge of what is self –care and professional resilience
  • Increase awareness and knowledge of the impact of work on self through the process of vicarious trauma.
  • Undertake a self-care assessment and needs audit
  • Develop a self-care action plan